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Religious majority and religious minority in the Ukrainian context: Principles of interfaith relations

The article highlights the problem of relations between the religious majority and the religious minority of Ukraine, which is interested in overcoming historically complex conflict problems, building a democratic and pluralistic state. Based on quantitative indicators and the area of spreading, the auther defines what a “religious minority” is, which religious movements of Ukraine can be attributed to religious minorities. The article singles out the challenges that the religious minorities had to face in Ukraine and prescribes certain strategies for solving them. A special role in changing the public policy of non-acceptance or disregard of the religious minorities is given to the religious majority, which is responsible for creating an atmosphere of mutual understanding, hospitality and peacemaking in Ukraine.

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New project “Religious Minorities of Ukraine and State-Religious Relations” Launched in Ukraine

The project, supported by the Embassy of the Netherlands, is designed for 8 months and is implemented by the Ukrainian Association of Religious Studies, whose members comprise a team of project executors.
The aim of the project is to identify a holistic and focused representation of religious minorities in Ukrainian society, knowledge of which can improve their status and perception in Ukraine. In our opinion, the project will affect the state-denominational relations, as it will promote the realization of equal rights of religious minorities with the religious majority.

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Religious Minorities of Ukraine

List of minorities in Ukrainian Language

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Videos about Religious Minorities in Ukraine

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